What’s New Summer 2018

“What’s New Summer 2018” The dry crackling of grasses and the growing “hummm” of Cicadas have usurped the rich green beauty of the Texas Hill Country.  Having learned how to call them into our backyard, late evening trills of Screech Owls and the pre-dawn calls of a Whip-poor-will now mark the pace of summer in […]

Mischief Brewing Video

“Mischief Brewing” – For the first time ever, I have made a daily Time Lapse of a piece from start to finish.  Dot-by-dot, it is fun to watch the transformation of this naughty gang of little Bull Elephants.  Out to create havoc among the peaceful herds around them, they charged between our trucks in a […]

What’s New – Summer 2017

The heat is on, scorching the Texas Hill Country and forcing me back inside.  Matching the blazing sun is the pace of our schedule and the burning need to be at my drawing table.  Creatures are cracking in my head in a heated fury to be released, angered by my slow pace. Recovering from the […]

“Perpetual Motion I & II”

With long tails flowing and white beards glowing in the sunlight, they run.  Without knowing where they are going, instinct pushes them to follow the heels of the wildebeest ahead of them.  This endless cycle of the Great Migration completes a 1,000 mile journey, pauses, and then begins again.  The sight of Wildebeest running in […]

“What’s New” Spring 2017

“What’s New” Spring 2017 Sunset quickly fades into darkness, taking the black silhouettes of the acacia trees with it. The sounds of the migration have calmed while the Wildebeeste and Zebra halt to graze after a day on the move. Casting shadows in a circle, our little group pauses amidst the laughter and singing to embrace […]


Simply said, he is royalty.  The stunning markings and regal carriage of Sable Antelope have always set them apart.  My first sighting of Sables in the wild was in Kommetjieshoek, South Africa where the wary herd had melted back into the brush as quickly as we saw each other.  Controlling the impulse to immediately follow […]

What’s New – Summer 2016

Filled with inspiration, my pens have been flying across the paper.  Almost keeping pace with my mind, the creatures are pressing forward to be released before they are engulfed by the next safari. Gosh it feels good! Delighting in the unusually perfect weather, the crowds in May thronged the aisles of Richardson, TX’s Cottonwood Art […]

“Caution – Impala Crossing”

“Caution – Impala Crossing” Or…………Watch out, here comes another safari truck! It was a ballet of Impala unfolding around us.  Caught between the desire to turn around and the need to rejoin the herd, the Ewes and their young were poised in the tall grasses at the edge of the road.  Confusion reigned as individuals […]

“Ripple Effect”

Overpowering thirst has finally broken the deadlock.  The unbroken drought lies heavy across the Serengeti as tightly bunched families of Zebra await their chance at the waterhole.  Filling the dust-laden air with barks and squeals, each stallion chooses the moment to drive his family forward into the water.  Given only a moment to satiate their […]


“Bedazzler” A flash of iridescent blues cuts through the air…. Turquoise, royal blue, and deep purple ….. in an inconceivable combination of colors on the wing. Dropping from its vantage point atop a bush, the Lilac Breasted Roller is on the hunt. Punctuating the East African landscape with its fluorescent prism of colors and harsh […]