Images on Tiles

It started with an idea for marble coasters. It became a framed art piece for 1, 3 or 5 tiles. Now you can choose between a collection of Longhorns, Africa’s Big Five, or 5 African Babies.

Longhorn tiles

Longhorn Tile Collection

African Babes tiles

African Babies Tile Collection

Big 5 Tiles

Africa’s Big Five Tile Collection

Triple Framed Tiles

4″ x 4″ Tiles $30.00 each

or 2 for $50.00

(Not all Sherry Steele images are available.)


Single Framed Tile     12″ x 12″    $55.00

Double Framed Tiles  16″ x 12″   $120.00

Triple Framed Tiles    23″ x 12″   $175.00

Five Framed Tiles      34″ x 12″    $275.00


If you are interested in placing an order for one of these framed tile pieces, would like to inquire about shipping or would like to request something else, please contact us or call 512-892-3553.