Serengeti Sleepover – Lions

Sherry Steele Artwork - Serengeti Sleepover | Lions


“Serengeti Sleepover” 15″ X 19¼”
200 Master Giclée Edition $150
20 A/P $195


Pausing to sketch the center cub on a rock kopje in the Serengeti, we were dismayed to realize we had a flat tire when we re-started our vehicle. A really flat tire. Totally uninterested in our plight, he slept on while we rolled the Cruiser a short distance away. Not too worried about the cubs, it was the return of their mother and aunts that had us most concerned. Out came all the luggage, out came all the gear, just to reach the jack and spare tire. The guys were moving in double-time as they worked frantically to change the tire. Meanwhile, a friend and I played “zebra”, standing back-to-back as we maintained a 360 degree lookout for any approaching lionesses. Typical of cats, the youngsters were still sleeping as we finally pulled away. To complete the composition, I have combined young male lions from various safaris to accent their attitude of total confidence in their sovereignty.

Serengeti Sleepover | Lions

Serengeti Sleepover | Lions

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